An interim CIO will step into the gap and immediately start to oversee management of the diverse demands on your business technology agenda. An interim CIO will assess the current “as-is” situation and desired “to-be” state; collaborate with your business leadership to align IT strategy with business strategy; and develop a roadmap that takes you from “as-is” to “to-be”. The interim CIO will also participate in the CIO search and execute a smooth transition plan.

When would I use an interim CIO?Why is an interim CIO beneficial?What will an interim CIO do?
When would I use an interim CIO?
When you need to close a gap due to a dismissal, resignation or a leave of absence.
Filling a vacancy within the senior leadership team is one of the most critical personnel decisions an organization can face. Careful planning must go into fully developing the candidate profile and into assessing the options and strategy by which to fill a CxO vacancy. With the constantly increasing reliance upon technology, the CIO is particularly crucial to the success of an organization. The role of the CIO needs to be firmly grounded in business and fluent in technology. This makes CIO succession planning critical, pro-actively or reactively. Replacing or filling the CIO role in haste can lead to missed expectations, returning the company to a path already travelled and ultimately doomed to repeat the hiring process in the not so distance future. An interim CIO affords you the time and help to careful plan the succession and smooth the transition to a new CIO.
When you need to implement rapid change.
Has existing IT leadership languished in making necessary changes? Is the Board contemplating a turn up or turn down of services? Does the organization require restructuring or reorganization? Are you facing significant change and worried about your IT department’s ability to deliver? When key business initiatives need to be delivered rapidly, stakes are high and teams under pressure; already fractured teams will rupture further, teams that don’t collaborate will fight more and trust will deteriorate further. When faced with delivering critical strategic initiatives an experienced interim CIO brings maturity, stability and confidence that business goals will be achieved.
Why is an interim CIO beneficial?
An interim CIO can help fill a gap in your IT leadership, strengthen a critical strategic project or support an organization change.
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What will an interim CIO do?
Each engagement is customized to your situation and your organization’s needs; from intense roll up the sleeves and jump right in, to advisory and assessment roles. While each engagement is tailored to your business needs, a typical engagement will span from three to nine months and incorporates the following:

Immediately assume leadership and management of IT.
Assure focus and productivity.
The departure of a CIO can cause distraction and uncertainty, often at a most critical time. An interim CIO will ensure the focus and productivity of the IT group and maintain the momentum of key initatives. This is accomplished through:
Open and honest communication.
Ensuring each team member is clear of the expectations upon them.
Ensuring each team member understands how they directly contribute value and affect the success of the business.
Project rescue.
Enhance trust, transparency and communications.
Capability and maturity assessment of IT.
Develop roadmap to get from current state to desired state.
Help find and transition to the right CIO.

Let's start a discussion about how an interim CIO can help your team.

From boardroom, to server room.

Our interim CIOs are well versed in both business speak and geek speak; helping clients translate between the two and ultimately avoid miscommunications that cause frustration and misalignment between business units and IT.