Business Technology, Business Value.

Strongpoint Consulting Group is an IT management consulting firm that provides clients with experienced business technology leadership. Our executives assist clients in progressing the maturity of their IT organization and achieving their strategic business goals. We help companies appropriately leverage technology to achieve business results.

Our Interim CIO, CTO and CISOs are big picture thinkers, who can help you leverage technology to both realize and enhance your corporate strategy.
Proven Methodologies
Some firms try to sell you upon home grown propriety methodologies, we don’t. We leverage industry leading methodologies with proven track records and global respect. For example; PMI, ITIL, COBIT.
Vendor Neutral
Our revenue is not tied to or influenced by the sale of another vendor’s product or service. This provides our clients the assurance that our recommendations and services focus purely upon their best interests.
Problem Solvers
We’re good at solving puzzles and problems and we like doing so. Through creative, innovative thinking or been there done that experience, we can help you address root causes and implement effective and efficient solutions.

Project Execution
We know what done looks like and understand the path to get there. It is a rewarding journey and one we know well.
Information Assurance
The protection of your corporate assets must never be an after thought. Within every phase of your project or program, our consultants pay close attention to IT security, information assurance and the risk management of your corporate assets.


From boardroom, to server room.

Our consultants are well versed in both business speak and geek speak; helping clients translate between the two and ultimately avoid miscommunications that cause frustration and misalignment between business units and IT.